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DOUBLE KOBEでは、近代歴史遺産地区でもある神戸において、いわゆるクラフトフェアに留まらず、民藝、現代のつくり手やアーティスト等、コンテンポラリーの要素を含んだ「ものづくり」の次の可能性をも探りながらの展開をしていこうと考えています。


第3回 2024年度募集枠は90~100組

●基本ブースサイズ 2.5mx2.5m


DOUBLE KOBE 2024 出展公募概要書 (1064 ダウンロード )

DOUBLE KOBE 2024(@double.ac_official )
デザイン・クリエイティブセンター神戸 (@kiito2017)
KIITO HALL & Gallery A
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Contemporary Arts & Crafts Exhibition
We also welcome participation from overseas ceramic artists and others.

schedule has been finalized, and we would like to inform you of the details:
🗓️ November 30, 2024 (Saturday) – December 21, 2024 (Sunday)
📍1-4 Onohamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Japan
Design & Creative Center Kobe <KIITO>
KIITO Hall & Gallery A
Regarding the call for exhibitors, recruitment is scheduled for this early June 2024

Starting in Hamamatsu from 2016 to 2018, and after a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event moved to Kobe in 2022. Two years ago, we began the initiative in Kobe with the theme of “memory of the land” and craftsmanship. Initially, we named it the “Japan Arts & Crafts, Folk-crafts Fair,” but from the third event in 2024 onwards, we have decided to call it the “Contemporary Art Crafting Exhibition.”

The reason for this change is that in contemporary times, the genres of crafts and arts are often distinguished as follows: craft refers to practical vessels and tools made from materials such as clay, wood, and metal using handcrafting techniques; art is classified as visual arts or performing arts. However, traditionally, these categories were not distinct, and it is said that the category of “art crafts” was established during the Meiji era. Today, we can see areas where these fields intersect and break boundaries, with high-level techniques and well-founded processes resulting in uncategorized forms. We believe that many creators share this approach.

At DOUBLE KOBE, located in Kobe, a district rich in modern historical heritage, we aim to explore the next possibilities of “craftsmanship” that includes contemporary elements. This encompasses not just traditional craft fairs but also Japanese folk crafts, contemporary creators, overseas artists, and more.

Regarding the call for exhibitors, we will start accepting applications in June. 6.20~ start

ENTRY DOWN LOAD ⬇︎ exhibitor only

DOUBLE KOBE 2024 出展公募概要書 (1064 ダウンロード )

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